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Access 2016: Intermediate

You are familiar with the basics of creating an Access database, but you are looking to learn about the advanced functions in Access. With Access forms and reports, you can create automatic letters (without having to use the mail merge function in Word), or labels from a customer database; you can create a form that pulls information in order to send an email directly from your database. Create reports that calculate totals from your queries.  And using query parameters, you can filter your data by adding parameters (for example, in an inventory table, you can show only records that are valued over a certain amount, or records that show only if they are made in a certain country). Access is a great tool for your data analysis, and it can help you save time with all of its features.


Access 2013: Introduction, or equivalent experience. You need to know how to create tables and queries.


Course Code: COMP G7531

Coming soon

Day/Time: 9am to 4pm



Cost: $95